A DC-area Mommy, gamer, coder, archer, and general bon viveur, Aimee is thrilled to be passing her passion for life on to her two sons.

When playing at adulthood, she develops ecommerce sites and documentation for Virid. When playing online, she is a Community Manager for Genia Games and Citadel Studios. In the spare time she wishes she had, Aimee writes for Game Geex  on Aggro Range.

Aimee is a Competent English Speaker™ and fluent in Standard Galactic.

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      Aimee Jarboe | User Advocate

      User advocate serving through communication business operations customer success system administration community management marketing systems design programming

      About Aimee

      Aimee Jarboe is a DC-area mom, developer, archer, community manager, writer, and general bon vivant. Professional hobbies include refining internal operations and building community support systems (technical and personnel). She can stick out her tongue and touch her nose.

      Professional History of Empowering Customers


      Screenshot of the Virid corporate website home page

      Redesigned to align with current sales and marketing message. Developed for WordPress using Swift framework.

      Operations Manager


      Works closely with Director of Operations and CEO to ensure user and team needs are communicated and met. Creates client-facing documentation for Virid’s marketAgility eCommerce platform and maintains internal knowledge base. Supports the sales and marketing team in development and design and maintains multiple company sites. Administrates Salesforce implementation and associated integrations with Act-On and Office365. Ensures the Virid development teams and account directors stay up-to-date with SEO best practices. Advises clients directly on improving on-page SEO and when to hire a specialist.

      Citadel Studios

      Shards Online concept art by Citadel Studios
      Community Manager


      Set communication standards for crowdfunding campaigns and game testing. Implemented technical solutions for website, community platform, and wiki. Designed structure for community participation and game tester programs.

      Genia Games

      Community Manager


      Built support structure for game accounts. Inspired community interaction through social media, forums, Twitch livestreams, and in-game. Internally advocated for users’ experience via direct and indirect gathering of feedback.

      All Smiles Orthodontics

      Screenshot of All Smiles Orthodontics website

      Designed and developed All Smiles Orthodontics website in WordPress, training office staff in use.

      Patient Care Coordinator


      Educated patients on treatment and billing options before, during, and after care. Celebrated our patient community through social media and in-house events. Initialised and maintained digital marketing strategy, and coordinated print advertising.

      • Not everyone's a PR person, but some people like Aimee are practically born to deal with player communities and know how to handle them.
        Shards Online BackerCitadel Studios official forum
      • Aimee has shown a load of patience with the client and has assisted the rest of their team in understanding many SEO concepts (page rank, keywords, 301 vs 302 best practices). She is a great coach and has delivered clear, written explanations of SEO functionality and best practices on many occasions.
        Virid Awesome Dolphin Awardnomination from anonymous coworker
      • Aimee has been a big help in training the sales team and has been very patient in teaching us the new workflow and how to get the most out of Salesforce.
        Virid Awesome Dolphin Awardnominated by an anonymous coworker
      • You've become my favorite community manager and member of a dev team in general over the course of these several weeks I've been on the forums.
        Shards Online PlayerCitadel Studios official forums
      • She is very social, she's very active, she knows how to make a quick but well thought-out decision, and you know she's there to support you and work hard to make everything OK. I don't remember one time without her taking care of the community, passing on all the information needed to avoid any problem, internal and external. She always tries to improve the situation and has a lot of great ideas.
        Claire Karimpourcoworker at Genia Games
      • Why do you want a testimonial? Do I need to add you to the 'Flight List'??
        Lauren Shantacurrent boss at Virid
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