A DC-area Mommy, gamer, coder, archer, and general bon viveur, Aimee is thrilled to be passing her passion for life on to her two sons.

When playing at adulthood, she develops ecommerce sites and documentation for Virid. When playing online, she is a Community Manager for Genia Games and Citadel Studios. In the spare time she wishes she had, Aimee writes for Game Geex  on Aggro Range.

Aimee is a Competent English Speaker™ and fluent in Standard Galactic.

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      In Which I Give SEO Advice on Search Engine Watch

      In Which I Give SEO Advice on Search Engine Watch
      May 19, 2016 Aimee Jarboe
      Chatting through a tin cans connected by a string

      I take great pride in my knowledge. I don’t assume I know something unless I’ve had actual experience with the subject, or have consulted extensively with someone who does. Usually, the latter doesn’t even count for me—I have to test their knowledge on my own, so I know I understand their experience.

      All pride is ultimately fragile, and while my knowledge acquisition is a strength, my pride in my knowledge is a major downfall. Nothing makes me angrier than an “expert” who has never applied their knowledge, except perhaps an “expert” who questions my knowledge when I know first-hand their application did not do what they thought it did.

      Client-server communication is core to SEO, but I’ve probably met only two professionals with an understanding of response codes. I felt it was important to get some practical information out on status codes—one of the most misconstrued areas of SEO.

      You can read my Beginner’s Guide to Server Response Codes at Search Engine Watch. Thanks to the editorial team there for letting me contribute!


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