A DC-area Mommy, gamer, coder, archer, and general bon viveur, Aimee is thrilled to be passing her passion for life on to her two sons.

When playing at adulthood, she develops ecommerce sites and documentation for Virid. When playing online, she is a Community Manager for Genia Games and Citadel Studios. In the spare time she wishes she had, Aimee writes for Game Geex  on Aggro Range.

Aimee is a Competent English Speaker™ and fluent in Standard Galactic.

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      Posts and Articles by Aimee

      • video

        Q&A With Shards Online Systems Designer

        I hang out with Bruce “Logrus” Bonnick, systems designer for upcoming customizable sandbox MMO Shards Online, and fans of the game (still in early development.)

        No lie, I want to say his name as “Bruce Bannick” every. single. day. Too much Hulk around the house?


      • video

        Gamer Hangout: TESO or WildStar? and Goat Simulator

      • Flix the Flea

        There’s nothing I love more than making a simple concept complicated.  I adore games like Divekick, Mega-Flux-Tube, and Power Up…

      • video

        Gamer Hangout: RuneScape, Division 66, What have we been playing?

        Streamed live on Mar 30, 2014

        It’s that time… time to talk about what has been keeping our panel busy! We are joined by the puppetmaster for Division 66, a new ARG and talk about RuneScape and other stuff!

        Check out Division 66 and Black Watchmen: Inception at

        Division 66 community sites:

        IRC Chat

      • Nothing To Hide Backer Update #2

        Just putting the whole thing here for you all to see! I suggested some educational resources on how to develop…

      • video

        Gamer Hangout: TSW’s new ARG & Ryzom’s meteor shower


        Streamed live on Mar 23, 2014

        Tonight we’re talking about a new ARG for fans of The Secret World, Ryzom’s latest live event and (if we have time) our favorite game stories.

        **SPOILER** I gave away the steps to solve Mission 3 of GOMEN m(_ _)m

      • Elder Scrolls Pre-order Codes Clarification

        I’m noticing more questions popping up about what appears in your Elders Scrolls Online account when you pre-order the game…

      • video

        Gamer Hangout: What we’ve been playing, geeky shoutouts, Steam sharing

        Streamed live on Mar 9, 2014

        Tonight the panel talks about the games that have been sucking our time, we give shoutouts to geeky stuff and talk about sharing Steam libraries!

        Links to the games I’ve been playing or mentioned: Elder Scrolls OnlinePower Up, Nova-111, Mega-Flux-Tube, and Nothing to Hide.

      • Spreading the Word–I’ve got Nothing To Hide!

        I received this email earlier today about the final days of crowdfunding for openly developed game Nothing To Hide. Since…

      • Mega – Flux – Tube

        I adore a challenge. Enter @elementalrobots who curdled my milk this morning, tweeting a double-dog dare to play his game and…